NOMI is a global organization working to end modern-day slavery. Working with brands like Lululemon and Nike, NOMI aims to raise awareness about the issue and help put an end to it.

But how did NOMI get started? Naomi and Sloane tell the story of their journey in this blog post, from their childhood in Haiti to starting NOMI and the various challenges they’ve faced along the way. It’s an inspiring tale that highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and action in fighting injustice.

Background of NOMI

NOMI is a vegan lifestyle brand started by Niaomi and Sloane in 2014. The sisters grew up in rural Minnesota, where they learned to love and appreciate the simplicity of plant-based living. They soon became activists for compassionate food systems and broadened their repertoire to include environmentalism, animal rights, and social justice.

Their experiences led them to believe that there was an opportunity to create a sustainable future not only for ourselves but for all beings on this planet. So, they founded NOMI with the intention of inspiring others to adopt similar lifestyles.

NOMI’s core values are simple: compassion, integrity, sustainability, joy. These values guide everything we do at NOMI – from our products and services to our mission and vision. We hope that you take some time to explore what we’ve got going on at NOMI.

The NOMI Label

The NOMI Label was started by Niaomi and Sloane. The label is made up of clothing, accessories, and home decor that celebrates women’s individuality and expression. NOMI believes in celebrating all aspects of women - their strengths, passions, and uniqueness.

NOMI Label products are inspired by the lifestyles and cultures of women around the world. Every piece reflects a unique perspective on life, love, fashion, and culture. The brand is committed to empowering women through its products and messages.

NOMI Label products are available online and at select retailers worldwide.

How does the NOMI Label Work?

NOMI is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 by sisters Naomi and Sloane. The organization’s goal is to promote sustainable living through the creation of eco-friendly products and the implementation of social responsibility programs. NOMI’s products are made from natural, organic, and recycled materials.

The label started with a simple idea: to create items that could be used both in the home and on the go, and that were environmentally friendly as well as stylish. NOMI offers a variety of products, including candles, tote bags, and journals.

One of NOMI’s most popular products is the Journal Collection. The journals are spiral-bound, softcover books that are filled with blank pages for you to write in. The journals come in three different designs: nature, cityscape, and journaling style. You can choose whichever design you like best, or have them all.

The journal collection comes with three different sizes: A5 (13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 inches), A4 (21 x 28 cm / 8 ½ x 11 ¾ inches), and B4 (29 x 42 cm / 11½ x 16 ¾ inches). There is also a large-size option for those who want more space to write in their journal.

Each journal has a hardcover cover that is made from recycled paper materials. The spine of the book is wrapped with organic cotton fabric so it feels soft.

Benefits of the NOMI Label

The NOMI Label was started by Niaomi and Sloane, who wanted to create a sustainable product that they could be proud of. They were inspired by the ocean, which they feel is the most important environment on Earth. The NOMI Label uses 35% post-consumer recycled content in all of its products and aims to reduce environmental waste by 50% before 2025. Additionally, their products are made from natural and organic materials.

The benefits of using the NOMI Label include being environmentally friendly, reducing waste, providing high-quality products, and improving the quality of life for consumers. All of their products are tested for safety and compliance with international standards.


Hello, reader! I hope you enjoy this short article on the home of NOMI Label, which was started by my two lovely friends Sloane and Niaomi. We launched the label in an effort to create ethically made clothing that is also stylish and affordable. Our garments are made from high-quality materials and we want you to feel confident wearing them, no matter what your style might be. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the founders of the NOMI label create it?

The founders of the NOMI label believe that there is a growing demand for ethical products, and they want to play a role in helping meet that demand. They also believe that by creating a certification mark for sustainable fashion, they can help raise awareness about ethical fashion options among consumers.

What is the NOMI label?

The NOMI label is a certification mark for sustainable fashion. The label was founded by two sisters, Niaomi and Sloane Greenblatt, in 2014. The goal of the NOMI label is to help consumers find ethically made clothing and accessories. To qualify for the NOMI label, products must have been made with organic materials that were grown and processed without harmful chemicals. Additionally, all products bearing the NOMI label must be made in a fair trade environment.

Where can I find ethically made clothing and accessories?

If you’re looking for ethically made clothing or accessories, you can check out the NOMI website or look for the “NOMI” logo on products sold in select retailers like Zara and H&M.

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