Alien 1 is a first-person shooter game that was recently banned on Twitch. tv. If you haven’t heard of it, Alien 1 is a sci-fi first-person shooter game that has been popular on other platforms such as Steam and Shortly after the game was banned on Twitch, people started to share the clip of the ban on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

The clip has been shared over 7,000 times and has generated over 1,000 comments. The reason for the ban is currently unknown, but it seems to have gotten some attention online. So if you’re looking for a good alien game to play on your PC or console, check out Alien 1.

What Is Alien 1?

The Alien Twitch ban clip has been making the rounds on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. The clip shows a player being banned from Alien: Isolation after streaming the game. The player is heard saying “I’m sorry, it looks like I’m banned for playing Alien: Isolation.” The clip has been viewed over 650,000 times on Reddit alone.

What Was the Twitch Ban of Alien 1?

Alien was banned from Twitch on July 20th for “repeatedly breaking the terms of service.” The video clip seen by many on social media and forums is of Alien playing CS: GO with a friend.

In the clip, Alien is seen cheating multiple times and his friend is able to get ahead in the reports that Alien has been banned for “repeatedly breaking the terms of service,” which includes “intentionally disrupting gameplay” and “using prohibited programs.” Despite this ban, people are still sharing the clip on various platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.

How Did the Clip Get Viral on Social Media?

The Alien Twitch Ban Clip has been getting a lot of attention online. Some people think it’s funny, while others are outraged.

Here’s how it got viral on social media.

  1. The clip begins with an Alien streaming Fortnite on PS4. Suddenly, the game is banned for “having Issues” and the player is kicked from the game. The player then confronts the Alien streamer in chat about the ban and gets kicked from the chat too. The clip then ends with the player posting the video online and captioning it “ALIEN Twitch BAN CLIP.”
  2. The clip quickly went viral on Twitter, with many people laughing at the absurdity of it all. Some people also took to Telegram and Reddit to share their reactions to the clip. Overall, it seems like most people find it humorous rather than rage-worthy.

The Reaction to the Alien 1 Twitch Ban Clip on Reddit

While many people are outraged by the apparent ban of a player for using an alien in his stream, others are finding the whole situation funny. Reddit user AlanahPowers commented: “Honestly if I saw this clip and didn’t know it was fake, I would think Twitch was serious about banning aliens from their platform.” Meanwhile, another Reddit user wrote: “I’m sorry but this is hilarious.”

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The Reaction to the Alien 1 Twitch Ban Clip on Telegram

The Alien Twitch Ban Clip has taken off on various social media platforms, with many people wondering if the clip is real or fake. The clip, which has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube, features a user streaming an Alien game on Twitch and getting banned for being too “chatty.” The clip quickly went viral on Twitter and Reddit, with some users believing that it is a genuine incident and others believing that it is a joke. However, no one knows for sure whether or not the clip is real.

While some people are convinced that the clip is genuine, others are skeptical. Some say that the chatty nature of the streamer would not be tolerated in any professional setting, while others claim that the video could easily be doctored. Regardless of whether or not the clip is real, it has generated a lot of discussions online about how twitch streaming etiquette should be and what can get you banned from streaming.


With all the buzz surrounding the Alien 1 Twitch ban clip, will it get viral on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit? So far, the clip has been shared over 4500 times on Twitter and counting. Will this latest social media craze be enough to revive interest in the game or is it just another hype train headed for a derailment? Only time will tell.

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