People shocked..! When opened tomb after 2100 years!

If we go to open the tomb 2100 years after the death of that question today would be the case? The answer is surely going to be doing her hair started falling, the rotten meat melted. 2100 years after the death of the woman as his coffin was opened the people saw that it flew all the senses.

But it would be surprising to you all. A woman in China today is the final resting place of her so soft in his coffin are amazed to see. Over the 2100 year is in the soft state of the body of the woman, even today, even in the hands and feet are twisted like living human beings.

According to reports, a woman’s “Lady of Dye” body was saved hundreds of years ago. His internal organs are still intact and A blood type. It is even more surprising that so far this body has its own hair and eyelids. She died of a heart attack at 50 years old. She was the wife of the Marquis of dye. This is surprising in that the mystery of the strange mysteries of the world.

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