Pakistani beggars earned 9 Lacks in Saudia!

Saudi authority while taking operation intelligence detail has jailed 18 Pakistani women and men engaged in the nation as beggars.

With the starting of Umrah period, beggar mafia has become effective and has sent partially 200+ Pakistani panhandler to Madina on Umrah visas. Police is conducting capture to jailed other 192 persons. The prisoners have been kept in Madina lockup with women in base no.56 and men in base no.47. Those captured exist to South Punjab while mainly are citizens of Rahim Yar Khan and Dera Ghazi Khan or poors areas. The association head Mukhtar has also been jailed who used to pact with them in Madina.

“The beggars mafia delay in Madina till Hajj season and have to make money through begging 20,000 to 30,000 riyal (approx. 9 Lack Pakistani Rupees). Half of the income goes to the mafias and the others are ours.”

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