Comb price only 10 Lakh Rupees..!

According to the latest media reports. Slovakia is a company built on comb which cost not a 100 or 200 rupees as normal comb but it is extremely expensive and out of reach of ¬†common man. According to media, it is not unusual comb is made of gold, but it is made up of wealthy buyers Slovakia as company specific. Which cost more than 10 million Pakistani rupees. Expensive and attractive comb the ‘Pentheon Collection’ name has been. When this collection includes 130 mm long and 35 mm wide combs which are exclusive made from silver and gold.

They’ve been coated with silver combs price is only $ 1180 and the 14 carat most expensive comb made from gold price is $9700 (10 Lakh Pakistani Rupees). In Pentheon Collection all combs packed in the pouch made from ostrich skin. note that, It combs and storage, both the company conducted specifically developed to Italy specialist.

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