Why we are fast

Why BolPappa is fast to other web..!

Bolpappa is one of the best quality legal Pakistan TV channels streaming website portal. We are used HTML5 technology to play many channels. Many users opinion, HTML5 is much faster and best than flash videos streaming.

HTML came up with their lastest specification called HTML5 a little years ago. HTML5 natively provides on demand and live video playing sources. Adobe Flash, on the other behalf, has been the best way to let rich audio and video content play on the web for more than a decade. The difference in compatibility is not just in the Android and Iphone space but also the desktop technology as well. Flash is famous for having many others versions of the Flash player out there.

This is part of the reason that Bolpappa is still very popular today. Many of the visitors like this site to watch cricket, news and other stuff streaming because we are fast, oh sorry we are very fast..!