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    amir, from islamabad
    Posted on 02:50 AM October 13, 2017

    Only for 3 richest anchors of Ary , talk shows, Mr. sami + Mr. Battyara & last one Mr. Sabir Shakira, all of above three anchors beneficial of Mr, Bahia town, and revived million of Pakistani Rs plots, and other facilities, all of three have a threeuet, songs of Ex, PM, Mr Nawaz Shrift for whole of the year, all three they don't no the reality of Nawaz because the fact is covered under the curtain of , plots+ car + millions, claque, so it is very difficult to show us reality of the time. If they are talking truth where is name of Ex, general muskrat +11 year accountability what he did in his longest gov't. In the history of PAK, where is Zardare, where's is other thousand of corrupt people in the country, pls answer me now, .......... Amir amm.

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    Posted on 10:42 AM September 26, 2017

    Mian sb it is all bullshit now we already know what has happened in SC.... Shut your mouth and bring back the lotted money of this nation. You do not have shame even if you have a little shame you are not feeling it and you are continuously lying in front of nation. If you are a real hero of this nation then go and face the NAB cases. Was you the Prime Minister of Pakistan? You do not have sense, you do not have your own words to speak, Only you are reading the written statement which is written by your donkeys ministers and your daughter. In 30 years you can not even finish the load sheding in the country because you are not committed with Pakistan and not committed with your words. You are just trying to make fool the people of Pakistan. You should feel fear from that time if the SC will open the videos of JIT then you will be pissed off.

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    Posted on 10:48 AM September 15, 2017

    Jumma Mubarak ho sub Pakistan walo ko &PTI ko I Love Pakistan and Ary

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    N azir ahmad
    Posted on 02:32 PM September 11, 2017

    اسلام علیکم میری ط رف سے دی رپوٹر ٹیم کو مبا رک اباد د یتا میں تینو اینکر کو پا کستا ن کے حا لات پر اچحا تبسرا کرنے پر مبا رک باد دیتا ہو سا تھ بھٹی صاب کو صا بر سے معا فی ما نگنے کا مشو راہ دو گا صا بر کو شروع میں کہا اس بات وہ اللہ کے گھر میں اپ لو گوں کے دعا یں کر تے رہے ہیں

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    Humayun Khan
    Posted on 08:25 AM August 21, 2017

    bolpappa is a very nice site, but please do not cut the bottom strip of tv transmission.

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    Humayun Khan
    Posted on 08:23 AM August 21, 2017

    It is observed since many months that whenever ARY NEWS starts important discussion programs on current political affairs, Government interrupts on internet to disturb the stream. Government also stops different private web sites. I, as regular viewer of ARY NEWS request ARY management to solve this problem.

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