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    Zubair magsi
    Posted on 04:24 PM November 26, 2017

    Nara e Taqbir Allah o akbar Labaik Ya Allah S A W

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    Posted on 06:47 AM November 26, 2017

    labaik ya rasool allah s.a.w...

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    Posted on 04:08 AM November 16, 2017

    To be very honest first time we overseas pakistani feeling that the justice system of pakistan is seriously willing to operate justice system according to constitution . Although there are question marks on implementation of rules against former PM and his family but still much appreciated whatever they have done in current circumstances.People are not so stupid nowadays they can understand the slackness and little ignorance in this case. Good luck Pakistan, Ali Wellington nz

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    Posted on 04:05 AM November 11, 2017

    Forget about these three n other six , bring back the looted money of this poor country of Pakistan

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    Posted on 08:41 PM October 30, 2017

    Maria memon as an anchor lady improving day by day and proving herself that she has the potential to compete with level "A" . Mild smile on her face is the secret of her success i think,she probably not aware of it.Keep it up Maria you are doing well ,wish you good luck. Cheers, Ali Wellington NZ

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    Posted on 09:54 AM October 30, 2017


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